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Potential Work Disruption by Canada Post: eCHN to continue to provide access to paediatric health records during the potential work disruption by Canada Post

Canada Post has issued a public advisory regarding a potential work disruption, which could result in no mail service as of Saturday July 2, 2016. eCHN would like to remind its member sites and users that the eCHN Portal will continue to serve online and immediate access to Ontario's paediatric health records. Functionality such as online / e-Referral and Patient Tracking (electronic notification of new information on a patient being tracked) are key tools to assist with clinical workflow and communication. eCHN Portal is available 24/7 to authorized healthcare providers.

Please contact the eCHN Help Desk at 1.877.252.9900 or via email helpdesk@echn.ca for assistance or access requests.

Photo above left: eCHN Senior Managers engaged in their weekly review.

Photo above right: Members of MED team with eCHN Founding CEO pay tribute to standardization guru, Dr. Gilbert Hill (second from right).