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eCHN Architecture and Safeguards

eCHN systems are all developed with significant attention to security architecture for the safeguarding of personal health information throughout its lifecycle. Receipt and methods for data exchange between eCHN and members have been specified within agreements and eCHN is compliant with all stipulated requirements.

eCHN's system are administered centrally in eCHN's secure data centre. eCHNs data repositories and populated through secure data feeds from contributing members. Examples of data elements transferred to the eCHN data repositories include:

  • Admission Discharge Transfer (ADT);
  • Diagnostic Imaging (DI) reports and images;
  • Medication History;
  • Electronic Reports (e-reports); and
  • Laboratory Results (LAB).

Access to the eCHN Portal is administered through a user authentication database centrally maintained by eCHN. All eCHN Portal users are authenticated and authorized by eCHN members.

Technical, physical and administrative controls are in place for the safeguarding of personal health information.