eCHN for Patients & Families
Healthcare Providers

“It brings the physician closer into the fold of understanding the overall picture
because they have all of the information”Dr. Eddy Lau

In today’s busy world, being able to recall medical details of a particular appointment can be a challenge for any parent or patient. eCHN serves as a trusted source of medical information by providing a single patient record that includes all related visits for your child in one place. Healthcare providers are able to access this record, no matter where they are, in order to have the most up-to-date information about your child. This capability allows them to make treatment decisions quickly and efficiently.

How do I inform my doctors/health care provider about eCHN?

You may use your email to send a link to your healthcare provider.


Can patients or families have access to eCHN?

eCHN does not currently operate a personal health record where patients or parents may access their/their child’s health data online. If you wish to request access to your/your child’s health records, please contact the appropriate health information custodian organization(s) (i.e. the hospital(s) your child has visited) to make this request. Only health care providers and their authorized agents are permitted to access the personal health information available in the eCHN Portal, and such access is only permitted to support the provision of health care to patients. For more information please contact eCHN’s helpdesk.


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