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Canada's #1 Electronic Health Record.

The electronic Child Health Network revolutionizes the sharing of children's health information among Ontario's medical professionals.

eCHN is the network of networks - Canada's first province-wide integrated electronic health record.

Who uses eCHN?

Why is eCHN Necessary?

keyboardAll authorized health care professionals involved in the "circle
of care" for a specific patient are allowed to access the secure network. Member sites include 105 hospital sites around Ontario, including Tertiary Care Centres.

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carsChildren, especially those with chronic or complex conditions, are often required to move among a variety of health care providers in different locations. Yet a parallel system for circulating vital patient information has been lacking.

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Celebrating Members of our Community

Dr. Alan Hudak

Paediatrician, Orillia Soldiers Memorial Hospital
Dr. Alan Hudak"To me the idea of eCHN was really exciting because here we had an opportunity to share data. Kids go back and forth - data needs to flow back and forth."   More

Dr. Beth Gamulka

Paediatrician, Scaraborough General Hospital
Dr. Beth Gamulka"I have a perfect example of how useful eCHN can be. Recently a seven- day-old baby came to the clinic who had a respiratory problem..." More

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