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eCHN in the Media

Ontario's eCHN Shows that Integration and Interoperability are Possible

Canadian Healthcare Technology

First lesson: integration and interoperability are not the same. The words are not synonymous; though we often use them interchangeably, which adds to the confusion. But like love and marriage, they do go together like a horse and carriage...


Andrew Szende and the Development of the electronic Child Health Network

Healthcare Quarterly

In 2007, Canada Health Infoway surveyed Canadians' attitudes toward electronic health records (EHRs). Among the significant findings was the fact that 88% of respondents endorsed "the idea" of EHRs. The main reasons for their support...


Electronic Revolution in Health Care

Toronto Star

The phone call that propelled him - and Ontario - into the era of electronic health records came out of the blue, Andrew Szende recalled. It was November of 1998. He was working as a health-care consultant at the time. He'd spent 10 years...


Health Innovations: Children's Health Network

The Globe and Mail

A decade ago, a small group of Ontario pediatricians decided their tiny charges could benefit from having better medical records. What if, they wondered, they could get all the paper files into a computer and that file could somehow be made available to doctors...