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eCHN Celebrates its 10th Anniversary

March 2009. The electronic Child Health Network (eCHN) commemorated its 10th Anniversary as Canada' first fully functioning province-wide integrated electronic health record with a lively celebration on March 2nd at The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto. Speakers at the event included the Honourable David Caplan, Minister of Health and Long Term Care, Mary Jo Haddad, President and CEO of SickKids, Dr. Alan Hudak, paediatrician with Orillia Soldier's Memorial Hospital and one of the pioneering users of eCHN, and Andrew Szende, Founding CEO of eCHN.


The Minister of Health commented that "eCHN has made the dream of e-Health a reality - a system in which all medical information is up-to-date, flexible and accessible to those who need it – wherever they are, whenever they need it. It means quality care and shorter wait times. It means no unnecessary travel for our youngest and most vulnerable patients by eliminating duplicate tests and X-rays. It means better system planning, it means better data quality, but most importantly, it means better health outcomes for nearly 3 million paediatric patients here in the province of Ontario." 


Mary Jo Haddad, CEO of Sickkids pointed to eCHN as "a shining example of how modern technology offers great new opportunities that we're using to benefit children's health....Providing electronic access of health records to facilities across Ontario, eCHN is a leader in the electronic health record field."


"From a clinical perspective", said Dr. Alan Hudak, "the timeliness and availability of the information allows for a coordinated plan of care. It avoids the duplication of investigations. It allows for appropriate, directed and timely follow-up care. From a parent’s perspective, one only has to see the smile on their faces when they can see and know that you have all the information available to look after their child."


eCHN Founding CEO Andrew Szende paid tribute to the physicians and other members of the health care community who had played such an important role in helping to develop the network to its present size and capabilities. He anticipated a day soon to come when "it will be possible for every woman, man and child to have their own electronic medical chart, containing the history of all their encounters with the health care system - from the moment of birth through to death."

Photo above left: eCHN Senior Managers engaged in their weekly review.

Photo above right: Members of MED team with eCHN Founding CEO pay tribute to standardization guru, Dr. Gilbert Hill (second from right).