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Potential Work Disruption by Canada Post: eCHN to continue to provide access to paediatric health records during the potential work disruption by Canada Post

Canada Post has issued a public advisory regarding a potential work disruption, which could result in no mail service as of Saturday July 2, 2016. eCHN would like to remind its member sites and users that the eCHN Portal will continue to serve online and immediate access to Ontario's paediatric health records. Functionality such as online / e-Referral and Patient Tracking (electronic notification of new information on a patient being tracked) are key tools to assist with clinical workflow and communication. eCHN Portal is available 24/7 to authorized healthcare providers.


The Growth of eCHN e-Referral

January 2016. On November 15th, 2012, eCHN debuted an innovative new e-Referral system for physicians as the main platform for referring children to SickKids outpatient clinics. SickKids has over 50 outpatient clinics and receives an average of 55,000 referrals annually. The new electronic system automates and streamlines the process by which referrals are made, sparing clinics valuable time and labour involved in processing referrals sent by traditional paper-based means. Over the course of three years, the new system has succeeded in initiating a massive shift in the way referrals to SickKids are made.


Standardization: Creating a Fully Integrated e-Health Record

April 2015. Fifteen years after going live, the electronic Child Health Network has come to play an indispensable role in the health care of Ontario's children. The medical data in its repositories are now shared among 107 hospital sites and 250 other health facilities, plus more than 1,000 physicians' offices. Over two-and-a-half million young patients are represented in a database which includes nearly 50 million clinical reports, with almost half a million added every month. Approximately 10,000 health care providers have active eCHN user-accounts. So seamless and intuitive is the service it provides and so compelling the logic behind an integrated electronic health record that it's only too easy to overlook the mammoth challenges involved in actually integrating data from so many separate facilities -- challenges that must be overcome on a daily basis.


The New Diabetes iSCREEN Tracker

December 2013. A remarkable new digital tool has come into use as the result of a  four-year collaboration between the electronic Child Health Network and SickKids. The Diabetes iSCREEN Tracker is designed to meet the needs of health-care providers looking after children in the Diabetes Clinic at SickKids. This busy outpatient Clinic serves approximately 1200 children and adolescents annually, with each patient averaging four visits over the year - and the number of patients climbing.


eCHN Offers Innovative New e-Referrals Service

November 2012. The electronic Child Health Network has added an innovative and important new service to its array of electronic offerings for health care providers. eCHN has developed an online system for referring children to the outpatient clinics of SickKids Hospital that significantly improves the efficiency and timeliness of the process. After a pilot project of  over two years, SickKids' ambulatory clinics have transitioned to full electronic management of incoming referrals using eCHN's solution.


eCHN Adds Major New Source of Lab Data

November 2012. A significant new source of online medical information has been added to eCHN's data offerings. The Ontario Laboratories Information System (OLIS) is a province-wide repository of integrated laboratory results from hospitals, public health labs and community (private) labs that enables their transmission among authorized health care providers. eCHN, in collaboration with eHealth Ontario, has now made access to OLIS data available to all its users directly within eCHN’s portal. In doing so, eCHN has expanded its informational reach from hospital labs to several of the largest community lab systems in the province.


New Recipients of Zimmerman Memorial Award

December 2011.  eCHN handed out the fourth Dr. Barry Zimmerman Memorial Award at an annual Focus Group meeting of its physician users. The Award honours the memory of one of the pioneers of the electronic Child Health Network, an enthusiast for the cause of electronic medical records, and a noted and gracious mentor to the organization - Dr. Barry Zimmerman. The recipient of the Award was paediatrician Umberto (Bert) Cellupica, a dedicated user of eCHN and a strong supporter of its role in children's health care.


SickKids Wins Wow! Factor Award for eCHN

June 2010. Since May, "The Quest for Canada’s Smartest IT" had been on the hunt for organizations with IT departments that were re-inventing the way their organization uses technology. At a Gala event on June 15th, the IT team at The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) received the Wow! Factor Award for its innovative use of technology, as demonstrated by its role in helping to develop eCHN.


The Dr. Barry Zimmerman Memorial Award

December 2009. The second Dr. Barry Zimmerman Memorial Award was handed out at an annual Focus Group meeting of eCHN physician users. The Award honours the memory of one of the pioneers of the electronic Child Health Network, an enthusiast for the cause of electronic medical records, and a noted and gracious mentor to the organization - Dr. Barry Zimmerman. The Award was presented to paediatrician Mark Feldman who has long been a passionate advocate of eCHN and the important role it plays in the health care of children. Dr. Feldman practises at SickKids and St. Joseph's Health Centre, where he is the former Chief of Paediatrics. He is also Section Head of Community Paediatrics and Assistant Professor at the University of Toronto and Chair of the Canadian Paediatric Society's Community Paediatric Committee.


eCHN Celebrates its 10th Anniversary

March 2009. The electronic Child Health Network (eCHN) commemorated its 10th Anniversary as Canada' first fully functioning province-wide integrated electronic health record with a lively celebration on March 2nd at The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto. Speakers at the event included the Honourable David Caplan, Minister of Health and Long Term Care, Mary Jo Haddad, President and CEO of SickKids, Dr. Alan Hudak, paediatrician with Orillia Soldier's Memorial Hospital and one of the pioneering users of eCHN, and Andrew Szende, Founding CEO of eCHN.

Photo above left: eCHN Senior Managers engaged in their weekly review.

Photo above right: Members of MED team with eCHN Founding CEO pay tribute to standardization guru, Dr. Gilbert Hill (second from right).