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eCHN User' Comments

I have too many success stories to report here and at this time. eCHN has become an indispensible tool for providing effective care to children in rural areas who need both the involvement of local paediatric providers and subspecialty children’s hospital providers.

Paul T. Dick, MDCM MSc FRCPC
Chief, Paediatrics, Grey Bruce Health Services
We rely upon this data daily.

Glenn Berall, MD
North York  General Hospital
I work in a paediatric outpatient department. Many of our children travel to major centres (Sickkids, London etc.) for treatment, surgery, chemo, etc. eCHN keeps us nicely updated on their status and helps us prepare for their return home. It makes the transition smoother and less stressful for patient, family and team members.

Karen Sandrin, RN
Thunder Bay Regional Hospital
All information I obtain from eCHN is critical in my practice. We serve a multicultural client population and often the families are not able to provide us with detailed medical history or background. Access to eCHN gives us immediate access to test results, X-rays, MRI, etc.

Elizabeth Hosaki, Professional Services
Bloorview Kids Rehab
Able to get results quickly and to see the progress.

Edward Jin, MD
Physician's Office
We used to have to wait months for clinical records to be sent to us, as it required obtaining signed consent from the family, then mailing it to the hospital, and then waiting for their health record dept to mail it back to us. eCHN has allowed us to obtain useful information related to a patient's current history, such as recent medical investigations, surgery details, etc. It has saved a considerable amount of time and trees.

Winnie Wong, Physiotherapist
Grandview Children's Centre
Many, many times when consulted on a complex patient followed by subspecialty services at Sick Kids, information available through eCHN has been helpful to get valuable history that would otherwise not be available.

Jane Healey, MD
Credit Valley Hospital
eCHN is often the only way I know that clients that I follow are in hospital. It also gives current accurate information when planning services for clients in a cost- effective manner.

Maryjoan Kivell, Case Manager
South West Community Care Access Centre
Children with complex medical histories often present to our emergency department. Much of their care may have been done elsewhere but because of urgency or convenience, we meet them for the first time. This is often further complicated by language barriers. eCHN information has often prevented needless repeat medical imaging or other invasive investigations. It is indispensable.

Jordan Carr, MD
North York General Hospital
Shared care between centres can make things easier on patients in terms of access to care. Many of my patients have more than one medical subspecialty following them. eCHN enabled early recognition of results that were critical to my patient as it related to their liver transplant that were not recognized as significant by the other subspecialty. The early recognition of abnormal test results specific to my area of practice resulted in prompt investigation of acute rejection.

Krista Van Roestel MN, NP-Pediatrics,
Hospital for Sick Children
Nurse Practitioner
I am a pediatric cardiologist and eCHN has been invaluable in helping me get results and letters from Sick Kids in time for my patients' first postoperative visit. Although Sick Kids will phone me at the time of a patient's discharge and mail me the discharge summary (eventually), other important information such as bloodwork, echocardiograms, ECGs and inpatient consultations never make it to my office. It is WONDERFUL to be able to access everything in one database!!!

Alexandra Jevremovic, MD
Headdon Gate Pediatrics
I find the information from medical appointments with specialists out-of-town extremely valuable. We often get somewhat inaccurate information from families regarding what was recommended when they attended a medical appointment and through eCHN we get very quick, accurate feedback about whether orthopaedic surgery, spasticity medications etc have been recommended. This is very valuable to know when planning therapy intervention.

Johanne Hand, OT Professional Lead
We use eCHN on a regular basis. It allows us to evaluate patient data at our fingertips and advise referring MD and health centers immediately. It is a wonderful resource that saves unnecessary consultations, patient visits and streamlines care. My practice depends upon it.

Farid Mahmud, MD
Hospital for Sick Children
I work at Bloorview Kids Rehab. All our patients are in transition from other care centres. Without eCHN, the care of the patients would be impacted significantly.

Jonathan Tolkin, MD
Bloorview Kids Rehab
It has been an asset when interacting with our clients where English is not their first language and they have a child with complex needs - having the ability to see what has gone on in their health care at other facilities allows us to better plan their care and involve everyone in this plan.

Megan Perron, RN
Bloorview Kids Rehab
Many times we have been able to access important information from another hospital which has allowed us to properly manage kids presenting to SickKids with surgical problems. We also use it when we manage patients at North York General, where we have a satellite clinic and do outpatient surgical procedures.

Jacob C. Langer, MD
Chief, Paediatric General and Thoracic Surgery
Hospital for Sick Children
Countless examples of how helpful it is. It's a fantastic resource. Sometimes I would rather get the info from eCHN than the actual chart since it is so easy to navigate.

Nirit Bernhard, MD
Hospital for Sick Children
St. Joseph's Health Centre
Women's College Hospital
I admit many complex patients with multiple medical issues. eCHN makes the process smoother for the families. Additionally recall is difficult in very stressful situations - therefore, this is a safer way to practice medicine and there are few mistakes.

Laura McAdam, MD
Bloorview Kids Rehab
Helpful on nearly a daily basis to retrieve results for patients, to fill out information on referrals.

Susan Kirsch, MD
Richmond Hill Children's Clinic
Routinely saves me a lot of time looking for reports on patients that are shared between Sudbury Regional Hosputal and CHEO & HSC

Sylvie Kozlowskyj, RN
Sudbury Regional Hospital, Nursing
I regularly use eCHN to improve transition from Sick Kids to Bloorview. I find I can access the information myself without having to interrupt the work of Sick Kids staff, and it allows me to improve the care I provide.

Helen Kelson, Respiratory Therapist
Bloorview Kids Rehab
Just simply that it is nice to have the patient's medical records at the click of a button, especially if the patient has gone through emerg and we have not received the results, and can pull them up when the patient comes in to see us for follow-up.

Rose Potter, Office Physician Administrator,
Taddle Creek Family Health Team
As a community pediatric facility, referrals come frequently for children discharged from acute care hospitals such as SickKids and McMaster; the information on eCHN is essential to ensuring that our assessment and therapy for children entering our doors is relevant and correct. Parents are so overwhelmed with the surgical and acute care processes that they are often not able to give relevant and medically significant information at the assessment - eCHN provides this for us.

Paula Zimmer, Professional Services
As a subspecialty physician at a referral hospital, I have been able to provide advice and management recommendations to physicians at community hospitals, based on real-time review of patient data, including laboratory results. This has been instrumental in appropriate management, triage and transfer of critically ill children.

Jonathan Wasserman, MD, PhD
Hospital for Sick Children
I can retrieve lab results and dictated clinic assessment letters on shared care patients between our Cancer Centre and Sick Kids. Access to this information is timely for our Oncologist as it would take days for results to be faxed, dicatated letters typed and faxed etc. This allows us to provide optimal, collaborative patients who require additional care at another facility.

Maryanne Gibson, RN
Kingston General Hospital
I follow a number of complex paediatric patients who are also followed by many services at SickKids. The access to blood work, doctor's letters and clinic notes, which would otherwise be difficult to obtain, are indispensible in continuity of care and formulating an informed, evidenced-based nutrition care plan. eCHN also serves a critical part in performing a comprehensive assessment on patients with complex medical histories.

Ilona Burkot, Registered Dietitian
Women's and Children's Program
William Osler Health System